The Net - In collaboration with Open Field Collective, I have created a tiny installation for the Neilson Park Creative Centre location in Etobicoke. Feel free to check out my artist statement in this link: The exhibition will be up until August 9, 2019.
De/Attachment - One of my pieces has been selected to be part of this show including other national and international emerging artists. The work represents the way humans choose to perceive what we should attach to or detach from. I’m going to be at the opening at Narwhal Gallery on March 17th, which is from 7-10pm, if you’d […]
Transition - The last few months have been a whirlwind for me leading up to marriage and settling down into a new place. I apologize for the lack of work and updates.   In my time off, I have been constantly reflecting on my spirituality and the relationship it has to my artwork. My Inkblot series was about […]
Landmarks 2017 Exhibition - Landmarks 2017 has been an amazing opportunity to motivate myself into making art again after graduating from my undergrad. It’s given me the chance to try new media and bring it in the context of what a landmark means for Canada. I’ve been wanting to encourage a spiritual encounter and relationship to the land with […]
Vantage Point - The Art and Art History program at Sheridan College has established a special topics course called Landmarks 2017, a course where a few students from a number of undergraduate and graduate schools across Canada are involved in celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary by making artwork. Our class work will first be shown at the Sheridan College […]
Progress - I’ve made some good progress on my little project for Landmarks 2017! I CNC cut a coin-operated machine and sanded it down so it’s super smooth. I also nailed a box to the back for a tablet to sit inside, which will show a stop-motion animation. I’m still dealing with the concept of blindness but […]
Completed Commission - I have been very busy for the last little while and now I can finally bring good news! I have finished my latest project, a commission for a family in Georgetown, and it’s ready to move out of my house soon. It’s a work expanding on my series of Inkblots but in a larger and […]
Why Do You Create? - Visual Arts Mississauga chose Inkblot No. 7 for their exhibition Why do you create?. I need your help by voting for my piece on social media. You can also pop by for the opening on November 25 from 6-8:30. There will also be Cuban-Canadian artist, Agustin Rolando Rojas, giving a drypoint demo along with the show. Hope […]
Legacy Wine Bottle Launched - The Magnotta Legacy wine bottle featuring Topography III has now been launched at their locations in Ontario. Here’s some information on the wine:
Mills Hardware - My next show will be at Mills Hardware in downtown Hamilton. Come drop in for the opening on November 11 for the Hamilton art crawl. I’ll be sticking around from 7-11pm. If you’re interested in checking the place out have a look at the website and see when Mills is open for their events. It’s […]