The last few months have been a whirlwind for me leading up to marriage and settling down into a new place. I apologize for the lack of work and updates.


In my time off, I have been constantly reflecting on my spirituality and the relationship it has to my artwork. My Inkblot series was about becoming more confident in myself as I live with partial blindness and sharing my experience of blindness with others through experimenting with abstraction. When I became blind in one eye, I was three years old and a fever-like virus infected me which also infected both eyes until they were bloodshot. One eye healed and the other has a scar. Since then I’ve adapted to seeing only with my left eye. I keep thinking I could have been blind in both eyes, but I believe God healed me. This series was a subtle reflection of God miraculously healing me physically and emotionally. Recently, I have been wanting to share my relationship with God in a more visible way. I feel like I owe it to Him.


For those who have not seen my video for Landmarks 2017, here it is. It’s been an important transition for me from expanding my artistic practice into a spiritual way of communication.


Landmarks 2017 – Sheridan College