The Scales That Fall From Our Eyes

“Immediately, something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes”- Acts 9:18


The Scales That Fall From Our Eyes borrows imagery from the Biblical story of Saul (before renamed as the apostle Paul), using the scales as a metaphor to represent the change that takes place when shedding prejudiced or inaccessible traditions in order to support justice and inclusivity for marginalized communities. Additionally accessible through touch and sound, the artworks are intentionally obscured visually or translated into the Braille language, drawing attention to the necessity of including non-sighted audiences in the art community by changing the way we ‘view’ art. The use of abstracted visuals and the Braille language exhibits a relationship between the activation of one’s senses and their perception, inviting visitors to interact with art in new ways and to learn to interpret their experiences in ways that do not necessarily depend on vision.